What is the duration of a Neuro Dynamix intervention?

It is not possible to determine the duration upfront as each learner will start where they are at and will develop according to their own pace. Research has shown a positive learning experience speeds up the development of the neural pathways, while repetition stimulates myelination, a neurological process that occurs when the fatty sheath surrounding neuronal processes and fibers increases and

  • protects the pathway
  • speeds up skilled performance.

Skills are supported by myelinated pathways.

Myelin is a fatty material that wraps around nerve cells to insulate them and increase the speed at which electrical impulses travel to, in and from the brain.

This programme does not replace any therapist or any therapy.

This programme aims to enable a parent or teacher to support their child or learners in a practical and systematic manner to overcome physical barriers to writing and reading which will result in the learner experiencing academic success.