Neuro Dynamix Resources

Each of the Neuro Dynamix resources is designed to stimulate the fine motor skills on this list. The fine motor resources are presented in a sequence: from the most concrete and simple to the more advanced and challenging. Yes, we all want to improve a learner’s writing and reading -but if more writing and reading could have improved their skills, they would have improved already, wouldn’t they? If more writing and reading didn’t improve their writing and reading skills it is most probably because they either:

  1. did not know the language of learning sufficiently well or
  2. their fine motor muscles were not ready for the complex and abstract tasks of writing and reading or
  3. a combination of both.

A summary of the Neuro Dynamix resources and Mind Moves activities to support the fine muscles of the hands, feet and eyes follows:




1. Set of Building Blocks 1. Mind Moves Hand Massage
2. Visual Workout
2. Matching and Sorting Board 3. Mouse Pad
4. Palm Stretch
3. Shape and Number Board 5. Neck Flexor
6. Trunk Rotator
4. Mouse Pad Board 7. 3D Mouse Pad March
8. Mouse Pad
5. Writing Pattern Board 9. Arm Workout
10. Temporal Toner
6. Visual-Motor Perception board 11. Finger Fight
12. Bilateral Integrator
13. Visual Workout
7. 100 Board 14. Neck Rotator
15. Mouse Pad
8. Letters of the Alphabet (lower case) 16. Bilateral Integrator
17. Mouse Pad

The Mind Moves Institute’s approach to fine motor development is not a quick fix, but an approach that will enable the learner to benefit over a long period of time. If you work with the Mind Moves Institute’s Neuro Dynamix programme, success is guaranteed. Perfection is not.