Low muscle tone = poor posture = divided attention and concentration

Muscle tone is long-term, usually low-intensity tension of skeletal muscles.

COGNITION is gravity-dependent and relies on:

  • Grounding
  • Muscle tone to work effectively.

In the absence of sufficient muscle tone to withstand the pull of gravity attention and concentration is divided – a large portion of concentration goes to the body and a small portion to executive function.

When gravity wins the battle with muscle tone, most of a learner’s attention and  concentration goes towards maintaining posture and the physical aspects of writing and reading, and only a little bit of attention and  concentration is available for listening, remembering, thinking, and learning.

The function of fine motor muscles include:

The mouth for eating and speech
The fingers for independence, drawing and writing
The toes for posture, movement and balance
The eyes for appreciating beauty, reading and writing
and are repressed when gravity pulls stronger than muscle tone.

When gravity pulls stronger than a learner’s muscle tone, you may find yourself, often saying:

Sit up
Sit still
Be quiet
Work faster
Work neater
Stop dreaming
Stop shouting out
Pronunciate clearly