Gross motor development, balance and posture

The brain needs to be aware of the body (proprioception) and where the body is in relation to gravity and the environment (vestibular system) before it can maintain posture.

Balance is defined as a state of equilibrium characterized by cancellation of all forces by equal opposing factors.
Balance is the act of maintaining an upright posture (static balance) or in locomotion (dynamic balance).

A learner has two systems to aid in balance:

  • The vestibular system (eyes closed)
  • The eyes (eyes open).



If only  the eyes are used for balance, writing and reading will lag behind. Neuro Dynamix focuses on gross motor stimulation of the central and peripheral vestibular system to free the visual system from maintaining balance and allows it instead to transition to perception and visual-motor activities needed for fine motor control including writing and reading.

The Neuro Dynamix of WRITING and READING©  programme targets the vestibular system to free the eyes to excel at visual tasks.

Movement is developmental medicine.