Gravity, the feet and the Vestibular system

Gravity is a natural force that pulls downward, while muscle tone is an opposing force to gravity and pulls upward. The learner needs strong muscles to oppose the pull of gravity, and muscles need stimulated proprioceptors and a mature vestibular system to enable the gross motor muscles to:

  • Resist the pull of gravity.
  • Develop muscle tone.
  • Maintain a stable posture for the fine motor muscles of the mouth, fingers, toes and eyes to develop optimally.

The Mind Moves Core Workout follows the sequence of physical development: top to bottom (cephalo-caudal) and from inside out (proximal-distal). Every time the learner turns their head they stimulate the central vestibular system in the neck and the peripheral vestibular system in the ears.

Vestibular nuclei [in the neck] regulate posture and movement.

They receive information from the vestibular system in the ears about the position of the head and manage the muscle tone of the skeletal muscles that maintain balance with the help of statokinetic reflexes and postural reactions.



(in neck)
(in ears)


Mind Moves Core Workout

The Mind Moves Core Workout boosts maturation of the central vestibular system in the neck and the peripheral vestibular system in the ears. These series of movements use the learner’s own body weight to develop muscle tone. Marked improvement has been noticed after six weeks of daily repetition.

The Core Workout can be continued while the Neuro Dynamix resources are mastered one by one.


Step 1:
Let the learner lie on his back. Slowly move his left arm and leg as if tied together and turn his head to look at his left hand. Slowly move the right arm and leg as if tied together and turn his head to look at the right hand. Repeat 10 times.
Step 2:
Let the learner remain lying on their back and slowly move the head in the opposite direction of the extended arm and leg. Repeat 10 times.
Step 3:
While still on their back, tie a blue ribbon to the left arm and right leg, and a red ribbon to the right arm and left leg. Bring the red arm and leg together and extend the other arm and leg without any head movement. Then bring the blue arm and leg together without any head movement. Repeat 10 times. Relax.Once steps 1-3 can be completed without difficulty, proceed to step 4. If not, repeat the first three steps daily until the sequence can be completed with ease. It may take weeks, and in the beginning, the learner may need help to move the appropriate arm and leg. Repeat this process patiently to build a strong foundation for all the other moves.
Step 4:
Let the learner crawl straight towards you on all fours while moving his head to the left and the right.



Step 5:
Once the learner can do steps 1-4 with confidence and without hesitation while lying down, repeat steps 1-3 while standing and with his eyes closed.
Step 6:
Move his opposite arm and leg together while following the shape of the infinity symbol with open eyes, but without any head movement.>> Watch Video


Do the Antennae Adjuster and Mind Moves Core Workout for six weeks before you select one of the following additional activities to stimulate the proprioceptors, vestibular system and all the gross motor muscles to improve POSTURE and CONCENTRATION.

Posture and pencil grip rhyme
1 2 3 4 are my feet flat on the floor,
5 6 7 8 is my back up nice and straight,
9 10 11 12 is my pencil in its groove,
13 14 15 16 now my brain is like a laser beam.

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