Neuro Dynamix of Writing and Reading: Practitioner


TRAINING COST: R10 500.00 per person
(excluding courier fee, only available in South Africa)

Engage in the interactive Neuro Dynamix of Writing and Reading: Practitioner programme

  • become a Neuro Dynamix of Writing and Reading: Practitioner in as little as 3 months
  • train online when you can, where you are
  • watch 66 training videos
  • deepen your insight with an online manual
  • answer 25 quizzes to consolidate your knowledge
  • score 80% per quiz and qualify when you are ready
  • download your certificate.


Resources included

  • a comprehensive kit (sensory-motor, visual-motor, gross- and fine motor) delivered to your door
  • every piece of equipment needed for this INTERVENTION PROGRAMME (hula hoops excluded)
  • an all-inclusive test battery with 8 assessment tools
  • access to an electronic secretary who does your admin so you can focus on the learners
  • a series of tailor-made and differentiated INTERVENTION PLANS based on each learner’s developmental needs
  • ongoing assessments provide online evidence of progress
  • automatic adjustment of learners’ individual INTERVENTION PLANS (online)
  • reports at the push of a button.


This Neuro Dynamix of Writing and Reading INTERVENTION dove tails with SIAS (Screening, Identification, Assessment and Support).