ECD Specialist Training (Eng)

R4,000.00 / year and a R2,900.00 sign-up fee

Included in the ECD Specialist Training :

  • Level 1: Come Play with Me
  • Level 2: Am I getting ready for Grade 1?
  • Level 3: Am I ready for Grade 1?
  • Reading READINESS Programme
  • PLAY LEARN KNOW (English)

This ECD Specialist Training includes the two subscription-based products to the value of R2000.00 each (listed below) for unlimited reports for a year (from date of purchase) for free.
Level 2 Report: Clever Play Learning Readiness Screening Report
Level 3 Report: Aptitude Test for School Beginners Report

This subscription will automatically renew after 12 months from date of purchase unless cancelled.