NEURO DYNAMIX REMEDIAL OBSTACLE COURSES© PROGRAMME does not replace any therapist or any therapy.

NEURO DYNAMIX REMEDIAL OBSTACLE COURSES© programme was researched and developed for educators and therapists working with learners with barriers to learning in situations where there is:

  • a lack of funds for therapy
  • a lack of access to therapy.

NEURO DYNAMIX REMEDIAL OBSTACLE COURSES© is a movement-based programme and does not attempt to replace any therapist or therapy. Because it is a movement-based programme it is recommended to consult with a medical practitioner before embarking on this movement programme.

The movements suggested in this programme are all natural movements and ways in which learners naturally move if there is space, opportunity and resources. It is based on the concept of no fuss and no force.

Due to the scope of the learning challenges that some learners (who will benefit from this programme) may experience, the programme should only be used under adult supervision. Adult supervision is necessary for encouragement and support where the level of challenge of the activities may cause learners anxiety, frustration or even fear. Barriers to learning breed doubt, insecurity and may even compound feelings of low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. A caring adult will spot those moments and know how to facilitate the moment to enable the learner to grow and develop through their interaction and come away feeling more able and more confident.

The remedial obstacles suggested in this programme meet health and safety requirements but are only deemed safe when learners are under adult supervision.

Due to the scope of the challenges that the learners (who this programme is intended for) may experience, these remedial obstacles must strictly be used under:

  • adult supervision and
  • with adult engagement
  • not just adult presence.

Learners may easily stumble and fall when they lack gravitational security. When these learners’ proprioceptors and vestibular systems are stimulated, they need adult support to feel secure and not lose heart and give up.

To purchase and participate in NEURO DYNAMIX REMEDIAL OBSTACLE COURSES© online, you have to sign this disclaimer. This page serves to remind you of the responsibility that you are accepting and that you will not hold the Mind Moves Institute or its supplier of the equipment liable for any accident, injury or trauma that may be sustained while engaging with this programme and its resources.

This programme is protected by copyright.

“In the event that you did not purchase this programme online and did not sign this disclaimer, it means you have obtained this programme (manual and /or resources) illegally. You carry full responsibility for your actions.”