PLEASE NOTE: Level 1 is only available for 14 DAYS after date of course enrollment. Once purchased, please ensure that you complete Level 1 within 14 days.

Level 1 is aimed at parents and teachers of school ready children.

Level 1 Covers:

  • What is the difference between growth and development?
  • The (cognitive/physical) developmental milestones of the Grade R child.
  • The role of the parent in (the child’s development/assessment/school readiness)
  • The role of the teacher in (the child’s development/assessment / school readiness)
  • How does the Grade R child learn?
  • The Grade R classroom is designed to offer  – theme-based learning and multi-sensory EXPERIENCES to develop language and physical, emotional,  social, cognitive skills

What is ‘theme-based learning’?

It means that typically in a Grade R class the teacher selects a theme / topic that relates to the child’s environment. Themes may include my family, dangers in the house, my pet, the houses we live in, transport etc. The theme gives a context for all the activities they do, all the language they learn, as well as creative art, music and movement and stories.

Why is a theme so important?

Theme teaching allows the child to develop an extended vocabulary that is relative to their experience. It makes learning a more interesting process. Without the use of language, cognitive development is very difficult and school readiness is delayed. There is an added advantage that through theme teaching, parents are able to further enrich the child’s vocabulary by continuing discussions at home.