School Readiness Course

Take our 3 Part School Readiness Online Course, and learn that a child thrives when everyday living is an interactive game between a caring adult & child. Discover that leaping from the world of real things to the world of symbols (abc, 123), which is called school readiness, then becomes easy.

Research has shown a child needs six years to playfully develop:

  • Intelligent senses
  • A strong and agile body
  • A happy ME-Heart that grows into a WE-Heart
  • A clever mind to understand and speak the language they are going to write and read in Grade 1


L1: R200.00
L2: R1500.00
L3: R1500.00

Reading Readiness Programme

This is a reading READINESS programme. This is NOT a reading programme.

This is an online programme and focusses on:

  • The required pre-reading skills that are needed before a child is ready to learn to read.
  • Language development in an auditory-kinaesthetic way (listen and balance before reading.)
  • Building a playful bridge from listening and speaking to most of the abstract symbols of the English language.
  • Placing each individual letter on and around the child’s body.
  • The correct letter formation used most often in English.
  • Eliminating confusion, reversals and mirror writing, perhaps even reducing or eliminating dyslexia.



Qualify as an ECD specialist

Included in the ECD Specialist Training:

  • Level 1: Come Play with Me
  • Level 2: Am I getting ready for Grade 1?
  • Level 3: Am I ready for Grade 1?
  • Reading READINESS Programme
  • 2 Books: Play Learn Know / Ready to Learn, Ready for School


This ECD Specialist Training includes the two subscription-based products to the value of R4000.0* (listed below) for unlimited reports for a year (from date of purchase).

Level 2 Report: Clever Play Learning Readiness Screening Report

Level 3 Report: Aptitude Test for School Beginners Report

*This subscription will automatically renew after 12 months with the value of R4000 from date of purchase unless cancelled.