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Cognitive Assessment of the Grade R child in the language of instruction in Grade 1

Level 3 is different to previous levels as only qualified, experienced and SACE registered teachers may learn how to administer the Aptitude Tests for School Beginners (ASB).

The ASB is a Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) standardised test, not an informal screening instrument, and it relies on the tester’s experience, interpretation and opinion. That means the ASB test battery (group of tests) carries a lot of authority. It also means that anybody who has received training in the ASB must administer the ASB strictly according to the instructions in the ASB test manual, and be able to apply the norms in the manual for the purpose of predicting a child’s success in Grade 1.

The structure and content of SCHOOL READINESS @ MIND MOVES LEVEL 3 differs from LEVEL 2. A child will not be assessed on camera, as was previously done. For training purposes, you will complete the test as though you are a Grade R child, as it is too early in the year to assess a Grade R child with the Aptitude Tests for School Beginners (ASB). The ASB is responsibly administered towards the end of the Grade R year to allow for optimal development before assessment.

LEVEL 3 requires lots of self-study and therefor you need to:

  • READ SECTIONS 1; 2; 3; 9 of your ASB manual when you receive it, as well as and the two test booklets
  • ANSWER QUIZZES 1-10 before watching the first video. The LEVEL 3 training videos will simply make much more sense once you have familiarised yourself with the ASB manual and test booklets.

Once you have scored 80% and more for QUIZZES 1-10, you will receive access to the INTRODUCTORY video. We will go through the ASB manual together, in a systematic manner, so you can gain the confidence to administer the ASB strictly and according to the instructions.

LEVEL 3 is not as ‘exciting’ as SCHOOL READINESS @ MIND MOVES LEVELS 1 & 2, but believe me you will simply love the authority with which you will be able to guide parents to make informed decisions about their Grade R child’s future.

R850.00 course cost

Level 1 AND Level 2 must be completed before you can start Level 3.

Level 3 earn 30 SACE DP Points

Video Time: 4 hours, 15 minutes

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